2 oz Sour Blast Spray

Type: Candy

Do you ever just want to eat something really sour? For many people, this would seem like a ridiculous question, but we know you better! You're here because you're crazy about tongue-tingling sour sweets, are we right? We knew it! Kind of like how we knew that Sour Blast Candy Spray would be your new favorite thing.

Trust us on this one, if you're into sour then Sour Blast Candy Spray is where it's at. Shaped like a grenade, this is one candy that will blow you away. Each bottle contains 2.01 ounces. . These flavors are grape burst, strawberry awe, and blue raspberry shock. Sounds thrilling, right? With just the simple pull of the pin, you can have a sour flavor explosion happening in your mouth in no time!